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18kt white and yellow gold, sterling silver, champagne and white diamonds, wood

Embrace #11

We made this piece for an exhibition of Irish Goldsmiths held in the Designworks Gallery in Cork. The brief was written by Gavin Friday and he was interested in exploring what was disappearing from Ireland and Irish life and culture. In his brief he also referenced early 20th century Irish modernists Louis leBrocquy and Mainie Jellet. We have always been fascinated by the iconography of the sacred heart pictures that used to be ever-present on walls of irish kitchens and bedrooms. Our own take on this sees three rings that can be separated and worn smaller/quieter or together/bolder. When not being worn they sit in a wall mounted case with a deconstructed figure of Jesus, our nod to Mainie Jellet’s Pieta. The frame is inspired by the icon on the wall of St Mary’s church in Cong co. Mayo, and the votive lamp is every memory we have of visiting our grannies houses as small children.